Friday, 20 December 2013

Top 10 Business & Management Guides for 2013

2013 was a successful and busy year, with many publications based on applied research and live implementations. High satisfaction levels were achieved for all our client engagements, with projects in Europe, The Balkans and North America. The most popular business and management guides were as follows:-

Strategic Business Development Papers

  • Entering New & International markets with Advantage

This practical guide enables the management team identify the opportunities available, select the target market, assess and assure readiness to enter the new market and prepare & execute a Go-2-Market Plan. The framework is designed to reduce risk and ensure successful new market entry.

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  • Scaling Capability Assessment & Growth  Strategy

The model presented can be applied to help leaders understand the capability of their business to scale and to identify those areas and actions that can enable both greater and faster scaling of the business. The model is applicable to all venture types whether public or private sector.

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  • Beyond the business plan towards Agile entrepreneurship

This paper was presented at several International Conferences on Entrepreneurship during the year and it introduces a more dynamic and flexible model of entrepreneurship that goes beyond the traditional static and sequential traditional business plan centric model. It is aligned with latest thinking on experimental entrepreneurship and provides a detailed roadmap for entrepreneurs.

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  • 10 Tips for setting Sales Targets & 10 Tips for Sales Commission Plans

One of the most popular downloads this year, this paper looks at how to get Sales targets right for you and your Sales Resources, while designing in a realistic variable incentive that motivates the team and individuals to achieve their goals with the right type of business to build value.

Link for full paper (Sales Targets & Commissions)

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 New & Enhanced Management Practice

  • Improve SMART goals & objectives (SMART2)

During our engagements with organisations and subsequent research we identified that individuals needed further guides to set really strong goals and objectives and, though SMART is a great starting point we worked to refined and strengthen the SMART guide and deployed SMART2 (Squared), where each letter has two related important terms for setting strong objectives.

Link for full paper (SMART2)

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  • Creating change management with advantage

Is change something that is disruptive in your organisation or something that is embraced in the culture? Organisations exist in a dynamic and complex environment and those organisations that embrace and manage change effectively are the most successful. This paper looks at latest research and thinking. It provides a model of assessing the change capability for an organisation that enables more effective and successful change outcomes because “One size does not fit all”.

Link for full paper (Change Management Advantage)

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  • The Business Advantage Model™ (BAM™)

There are 6 distinct phases for a business from the initial business idea to attaining successful maturity with a growing value that can be realised through the year on year returns to stakeholders or through some form of sale or equity release transaction. However the nature of the phases for a business and within each phase will differ depending on its context. The start-up, scaling and changing of a business is a complex management and leadership challenge. The BAM™ provides a roadmap for leaders and teams to manage this complexity in an agile manner so that you do “The right things, The right way, at the right time” covering every aspect of a business and its management.

Link for full paper (The BAM™)

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Business Technology

  • Social Business & Collaboration

Most organisations have by now identified that they must engage in new ways of working and doing business that are more socially centric. The availability of social media and collaboration platforms are a catalyst for these changes. So what are the pitfalls and critical success factors for effective social business that really impact outcomes. This paper looks at both of these and provides a 6 step roadmap to introduce social collaboration which aligns OD with technology.

Link for full paper (Social Business & Collaboration)

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  • The Business Value of IT Maturity Frameworks

There are many different IT frameworks available for both proprietary and open sources, but how do I select the right one for my business and how do I ensure I achieve an ROI from the chosen Framework. How do I make sure the commitment to a specific Framework whether it be ITIL, CMMI, COBIT, IT-CMF etc. will impact the business overall. This paper looks at the options and learning from the application of IT Frameworks.

Link for full Paper (Value of IT Frameworks)

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Interim Survey Results on Individual Performance Management

Early Results of a global survey on the effectiveness of Individual performance management and review indicate though 100% or respondent believe individual performance management is highly important in their organisation 15% indicate that it is ineffective in their organisations and 32% attribute that to the effectiveness of their performance manager. 38% of respondents believe the HR department own the Individuals engagement in performance management, while 48% see it as the managers role, only 15% believe it’s the individual themselves.

A significant majority of respondents (70%+) indicate there is strong opportunity to improve the process in particular linking of individual goals and KPI’s to the organisations, improved process with reduced paperwork while 93% indicate more use of modern Information Technology can improve outcomes.

These are early indicators and the survey is still open, please complete the survey if you have not already done so by following this link.

New Technology impact on Talent Management

We seem to have moved on from Human Resource Management(HRM) to Talent Management taking a broader view of the available talent in an organisation and trying to find improved ways to release that talent for greater value creation in the business of the organisation. Emerging Technologies whch engage collaboration, social and mobile business can have a great impact for an organisation. However the culture and practice of performance management remains with the same goal in all scenarios , aligning our talent with our organisation vision and goals and optomising the performance at an individual and group level. is building on its research in this area of performance management and how technology can help improve outcomes. I invite you to take a short survey (5 Minutes) on our website at .  or if you prefer on Surveymonkey

Thank you in advance, The survey report will be published for all participants to view

Friday, 31 May 2013

Future posts and Migration to New Web site

Several posts were transferred to the new web site and blog , to avoid content duplication on-line and enhance SEO.



Friday, 1 March 2013

Why is it important to certify digital data and content?

Digital data/content is central to our daily and business life now, whether it be text, images, audio or video. With the advent of the Internet and mobile computing we are avid creators and users of digital content. As creators we are concerned with ensuring what we create whether it is an email, document or image as examples, remains and are used as we intended and are not misused in any way. As consumers of digital information we want to be able to trust in digital content we receive and use, know its source and that it is accurate and authentic. However we all know how easy it is to copy or change digital content/data either accidentally or maliciously. One of the big advantages of the digital world is that digital content/data is easy to view, copy, manipulate and process. Its strength is also its weakness. So the question is how do we protect the integrity of digital content/data we create? And how do we trust digital data and content we receive and use?

Let us consider some of the reasons we need to consider doing more than we do today:
Why we need to certify Digital Data & Content?
·         Want to be able to prove ownership and copyright of digital content
·         Want to know if content published on web site or issued has  been tampered with
·         Want users of content/data to be able to trust it
·         Want to be able to prove to authorities and management that the information is in compliance with process, standards and regulations
·         Want to be able to use it as irrefutable evidence of  ownership and the authenticity of their original content or data as evidence in a court.
·         People, Organisations and 3rd parties make important decisions based on digital data/content, these decisions can have negative consequences so creating confidence and an audit trail for digital data can create that confidence and history
·         Should there be a question, concern, audit or challenge to the integrity, authenticity and provenance of digital content/data being able to prove beyond doubt these elements will avoid issues and possibly penalties.
How can I quickly and cost effectively create an independently certified record for the provenance, authenticity and integrity of my digital content/data?
Using a service like Digiprove will quickly solve the problem, it is fast to register, use and integrate into your process and software. You can then automatically (Autoprotect), manually or at scheduled time or events ensure some or all of your digital content/data is certified.
A good solution like Digiprove will:
·         Create unique digital fingerprint for each piece of content and/or data using industrial strength encryption algorithms such as SHA-256.
·         Send that fingerprint to the secure independent proof engine in the cloud where it will be date, time and location stamped and combined with your metadata into a digital certificate.
·         All details will be recorded in a traceable and verifiable audit file and the certificate returned to you as well as being stored.
This is in effect your insurance certificate that is fully traceable and can be verified at any time. It is your undisputable evidence that you own the exact content, at a point in time.
That’s all very well, but how do I know the integrity, authenticity and provenance of the digital content/data remains intact and as originally intended and it has not been changed?
There are two key areas that must be considered, and these are covered in the Digiprove technology.
·         Verification of the integrity of digital content/data. You decide how you want to do this, it can be done manually at any time, automatically using “Autoverify” or integrated into your process-application to occur on specific events and/or at specific times with warnings highlighted should there have been a change or tampering. (Positive verification re enforces confidence and trust)
·         Evidence, It’s your digital certificate and the Digiprove record that enable you to prove ownership and integrity beyond all doubt, and in the event there is an incident or case where there has been inappropriate use or tampering you have certainty as to provenance, integrity and authenticity.
 Again using the insurance analysis, your certificates are the evidence you are protected, verification provides the evidence to the assessor of the circumstances that exist at a later point in time, and should there be a legal or regulatory case the authorities can trust.
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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

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